Monday, 25 April 2016

University First Year.

It started off with me feeling like why am I doing a multimedia course when I am not going to be a journalist but I realise this course is helping me in a lot of different ways. It is really helping me to learn all the different aspects of being a journalist. Helps my confidence to grow more and more and I things I wouldn’t dare have attempted or thought through I just now think screw it I will give it ago.

I feel like its only bizarre that after a year of the course I realise this is a great choice of course, I have a real passion for photography and real dedication to succeed in furthering in. But this has many different learning curbs which I feel like I have grown to enjoy which makes me think I didn’t give it a chance and that I really regret that, though I think this would probably be down to me not enjoying being so far away and stuck in this ridiculously small box room, hating everyone (people I share a kitchen with). Where ever I go I always end up back home which is not what I wanted, just to stand on my own two feet and grow the hell up! this would only happen I feel coming to university is a rather good first step.

It is very rarely I meet people and make a strong friendship with, though be honest I did think I would make a lot of friends at university but thinking about it properly, I could go anywhere in the world and it would be exactly the same. I guess friendships are not massively important to me because I have my family, I see it as I don’t care I am to now go home after being where ever outside of the house (the nest) I see it as getting away from the ridiculous people I get faced with. University will get more stuck out there I guess because I can not exactly run home it takes 3 hours on a train, I shall suck it up.

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