Wednesday, 23 September 2015

                            What things did you create when you was a child?

When i was a child i was always so creative, i would draw pictures for my family, build small homes for me and my teddies to play in but i mostly enjoyed making up those games where you would have to use your imagination completely, this is something i do think you lose as you get older which gives you more of a child like innocent.
Growing up i have started to slowly forget about all the games you played with my brothers and sisters also how much fun it was in the playground making up those stories only my 5 year old self would think up. Everyone has one at least one bed time story they can remember, you know the one you would ask your mum or dad to read every night.

I always find it amazing what i do remember when looking back through pictures and albums then being told how old i was when it was taken this just fascinates me, that i remembered something so clearly at a young age. This particular photo i found of myself in the garden in a pretty yellow flower dress, though i was crying in the picture i remember this all so well even though i was only around 3 years old.

Certain memories stick in your brain good or bad, i hope to remember being a small child forever..